Liam Knight-Devlin


Post Calamity Shelters
Textured Npc Characters

Bachelor of Creative Media Production

Acolyte is a narrative based exploration game, where you reclaim the remnants of a world shattered by Ancient Gods. Tasked by one such god, you, the last Acolyte, must collect lost souls, uncovering their stories as well as the dark history of the world the player is now part of. When the souls have been collected, the Acolyte must decide which god they will ultimately follow.

Within Acolyte, I had a generalist role as the Assistant Producer. I also worked as a 3D Artist, Programmer, and the Lead for Audio/Sound Design. This allowed me to have a holistic approach to the usual agile development workflow, giving me insight to the various facets of Acolyte’s design and development.
Block 1 Level D