Melissa Huband

Outback Endeavour

Comic Effects in progress - Still from Episode One
Fixing lighting on set with one of our second years

Bachelor of Creative Media Production

Learn about the world of Safe Travel alongside Kiwi friends, Jen and Chris, in Outback Endeavour. Watch along through this 5-part comedy series as Mr Narrator attempts to guide them through the various tasks they need to complete before Jen embarks on her trip across the ditch. Take a look at their hand-picked travelling tips in “Chris & Jen’s Amazing, Spectacular Guide to Surviving In Australia.”

I was the Visual Effects Artist and Compositor, Technical Director and Gaffer (Lighting, on set) for Outback Endeavour. I also sorted equipment and props. In my principal VFX role, I green screend, created and implemented comic effects. I was constantly problem solving and learning. Compositing is my passion, so I hope this project leads me from University into the world of VFX.
Block 1 Level D