Grace Abbott

Outback Endeavour

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Our Actress Bethany, playing Jen, for a beach scene

Bachelor of Creative Media Production

Learn about the world of Safe Travel alongside Kiwi friends, Jen and Chris, in Outback Endeavour. Watch along through this 5-part comedy series as Mr Narrator attempts to guide them through the various tasks they need to complete before Jen embarks on her trip across the ditch. Take a look at their hand-picked travelling tips in “Chris & Jen’s Amazing, Spectacular Guide to Surviving In Australia.”

Working as Producer on Outback Endeavour was a challenge. It was the first time any of our team had collaborated with an outside client. As the key liaison between the project team and client, I took a big step up from my previous project work. I believe this experience has prepared me for industry work when I leave university.





Block 1 Level D