Lucy Farrington

Outback Endeavour

look mum i'm famous
the amazing Outback Endeavour cast

Bachelor of Creative Media Production

Learn about the world of Safe Travel alongside Kiwi friends, Jen and Chris, in Outback Endeavour. Watch along through this 5-part comedy series as Mr Narrator attempts to guide them through the various tasks they need to complete before Jen embarks on her trip across the ditch. Take a look at their hand-picked travelling tips in “Chris & Jen’s Amazing, Spectacular Guide to Surviving In Australia.”

Through Outback Endeavour I've explored different areas of myself as a creative practitioner. Working as a writer, director and designer has been challenging, but thankfully the project allowed for interesting learning and a lot of fun. I hope people enjoy Outback Endeavour as much as I have.



Block 1 Level D