Charlie Cottrell


Parliament - Drug Foundation Symposium
Editing Episode One

Bachelor of Creative Media Production

Our aim for Grassroots was to create an informative short-film series for the NZ Drug Foundations use in their campaign for the 2020 cannabis referendum. A political issue, as well as a health and criminal justice issue, the content was separated accordingly into different episodes. As a team, we found it difficult working on a project that dealt with political content, navigating different interests, and ensuring the final project adhered to the guidelines set forth by both our client and the University.

Working on Grassroots, I was the Producer, Editor, Sound Recordist, Camera Assist and Researcher. My approach to this project was guided by research, including reading over draft legislation and draft policy released by our client. This was to ensure I had a solid understanding of the political environment we were about to step into. I was motivated to create a project that might have some influence on such a debatable issue.


Block 1 Level D