Tony Matich

Hans & Tweet

Inside Hans and Tweets cave made out of junk. A fun build

Bachelor of Creative Media Production

A children’s stop-motion TV series, Hans & Tweet explores friendship and the drive to never give up. An eccentric red panda, Hans is determined to be a supervillain. With his sidekick, Tweet, an egg-on-legs, Hans creates imaginative (yet inevitably doomed) inventions from the urban junkpile they call home. Every time they run amok, their supervillainy fails with a BOOM! But Hans & Tweet are always there to save each other!

My roles on Hans & Tweet were Director, Script Writer, Set Design Lead, and Stop Motion Animator. The pioneering stop motion project in CMP, it’s been a dream for me to lead this. I've long had an interest in stop motion, practical effects and storytelling. Confronting diverse challenges in this project has led to huge creative growth.



Block 1 Level D