Jing Jing Ke

Hans & Tweet

The project I worked on; Hans & Tweet
Hans and Tweet in a Junkyard gathering scraps for their wacky inventions.

Bachelor of Creative Media Production

A children’s stop-motion TV series, Hans & Tweet explores friendship and the drive to never give up. An eccentric red panda, Hans is determined to be a supervillain. With his sidekick, Tweet, an egg-on-legs, Hans creates imaginative (yet inevitably doomed) inventions from the urban junkpile they call home. Every time they run amok, their supervillainy fails with a BOOM! But Hans & Tweet are always there to save each other!

As the Producer, VFX Lead and Editor for Hans & Tweet, I've learned a lot about organising workflows, communicating with a team, pitching and constructing documents. This was our first-ever stop motion project, so that was a challenge for me. But with a strong, dedicated team, we really pulled through. I'll be proud of this project for years to come.



Block 1 Level D