Grace Quantock-Holmes


Ru our talented lead actor
Definitely had our ups and downs with this prop car

Bachelor of Creative Media Production

Hightail is a 13 min. short film that follows an ex-military father on a road trip with his young son through rural New Zealand. The road trip isn’t what it seems, however. This is a pair of outlaws on the run, committing armed robberies at rural business along the open road. Karma eventually catches up to the wanted duo, and ultimately recklessness leads to their demise.

I'm the Co-Director of the short film, Hightail. Specialising in Directing and Cinematography, I'm a visual storyteller with an eye for detail, enthusastic about crafting authentic character-driven stories. I work across all aspects of filmmaking, from concept to post-production, and bring strong logistical skills to ensure a smooth flow of production and a cohesive crew.

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