Ben Dickens


The poster for Vaka. My credits include: Director of Photography, Production Coordinator, Co-Editor, Animation Supervisor

Bachelor of Creative Media Production

VAKA is a 20 min. documentary about the remote island community of Tokelau, a Pacific leader in action on climate change. The story reveals the inroads that Tokelau is making toward long-term solutions, as the community weaves together customary wisdom and collective resilience with scientific knowledge and modern technologies. Celebrating the Tokelauan people's dedication to preserving their islands, VAKA aims to inspire the world to follow their environmental leadership.

As the Director of Photography (DOP) of Vaka, it's been an honour to visually represent the Tokelauan community and their action on climate change. Following Vaka, I'm exhibiting a portrait photography series at Pāteka Gallery showcasing the spirit of people who helped with the film. I'm also shooting a documentary about sustainable fashion in India.





Block 1 Level D