Laura Harkness


Personalisation features of Immuno include adjustable type size and language. Resources also adjust to each parent’s situation and needs, recommending certain resources related to their concerns.
The Immuno decision aid is designed for first-time parents who are making the decision whether or not to vaccinate their child.
Additional features of Immuno include a vaccination schedule, a mode to book appointments and a notes section.

Bachelor of Design with Honours

Immuno is a digital tool that addresses the recent decline in vaccination rates across New Zealand which has led to outbreaks of vaccine-preventable diseases such as measles. A large cause of the decline is due to vaccine hesitancy. My project aims to overcome vaccine hesitancy by facilitating the decision-making process of a first-time parent. Immuno provides resources about vaccinations, visualises risk and benefit information, and creates an understanding of which decision is more aligned with the users values and beliefs.
Block 12 Level E