Hannah Christensen

It Makes Cents

The app creates a personalised mission for the user to help them change a spending habit that is not bringing them joy. Once a mission is completed the user receives a reward in line with the category it was targeting.
The newsfeed allows the user to swipe left or right depending on how they feel about their recent purchases. It forces the user to consciously think and reflect about what purchases they enjoy spending money on and the ones they don’t.
It Makes Cents aims to help the user make the most of the money they have and use it as a tool to achieve everything they want to achieve in life.

Bachelor of Design with Honours

It Makes Cents is a user-centered design project aiming to facilitate the education of personal money management for young adults leaving home for the first time. It Makes Cents is an intuitive app that helps to build wise financial habits through conscious spending.

It Makes Cents challenges the user to focus on what they enjoy spending money on and not on the sacrifice and deprivation of budgeting. The focus is not on money, it’s on the benefit to the user. It’s about developing self-awareness of spending habits and prioritising what you enjoy in life so you can limit the mindless, wasted spending on things that don’t bring you joy.
Block 12 Level E