Ariel Hughes

Dont be a Festivillain - Prompting better Festival Culture

Looking After Your Mates Poster Series - keeping in touch with your friends and practising compassionate care towards strangers and your peers. Offering help to those who may be in need, being considerate to those you are also sharing the space with. Don’t ruin someones festival to benefit yours.
Lack of self care - food, water & sleep! Its not a race it is a marathon, the most common denominator for festival harm is lack of self care. Emotions run high when dehydrated and tired, this can cause negative effects on your health and well being at a festival. It is up to the individual to practise self care and to take full responsibility surrounding the risks associated with festivals including and consuming any substances.
Drug and alcohol abuse - pre-loading, mixing, double dosing, overdosing, being uneducated about the drugs consumed, drugs not being pure, not knowing what you are taking, not knowing your limits and not knowing what you are getting yourself into. This can lead to behaviours of delusions, paranoia - especially when it comes to searching for help and failing to trust that security and first aid and urgent medical attention!
Bad Behaviour- resulting in aggression and fighting. Often under the influence of alcohol people are more susceptible to being short tempered, especially with multiple human interaction influences. Dealing with physical fighting of any kind is not what security guard, organisers, festival attendees want to deal with. No one deserves to be affected by harm. Working together we can ensure nobody does.

Bachelor of Design with Honours

There are inevitable problems that consume the behaviours of people who participate in music festival culture. We cannot control with law enforcement but we can offer the correct influences and strategies around these issues that can reduce harm and create a wider positive attitude towards festival culture.

I want to bring awareness to the realities, behaviours and issues that we can avoid when participating in music festivals. This can be done by changing the perception on how festival goers perceive how to party, focusing on the main issues and promoting correct awareness and education surrounding, self care, illicit drug and alcohol abuse related harm, general first aid, bad behaviours and taking care of your mates.
Block 12 Level E