Eugie Boyd

Instafame & Superstardom

UG Boyd stars in the role of  the Instapunk, taking a bedroom selfie in her Glitched Monogram two piece.
UG Boyd stars in the role of the Instaglam, taking a bathroom selfie in her Make Love not War party dress and her UG Obsessed Monogram tights.
UG Boyd stars in the role of the Instabeauty, taking a candid selfie to show off her Hydrangea Slip Skirt and UG De Jouy top at a local retail store.

Bachelor of Design with Honours

Instafame and Superstardom is a textile print collection that seeks to confront the curation of online personae as mediated by social surveillance and digital marketing. By using shameless self-branding Eugie Boyd - online persona UG - projects herself into multiple desired online personalities prominent in 2019.
Block 12 Level D