Sophie Harkness

The Rural Idylic: Reconstructing the tourist gaze

A series of installations designed to encourage commuication between urban and rural dwellers, situated alongside State Highway 1.
Close up image of the first installation.
Intended to confront different ideas of New Zealand stereotypes. 
The colour palette, with its bold shades of orange and pink reference playfulness and warmth.

Bachelor of Design with Honours

The Rural Idylic explores the construction of New Zealand rural myths. It takes the tourist gaze as a starting point and how ideas are constructed and landscapes are framed through the views of the moving car. A proposed spatial experience, alongside State Highway One in Hunterville, seeks to open up rural experiences to the urban dweller. A series of immersive installations and structures challenge narrative constructs around stereotypes, the rural ideal and the environment. These installations aim to start conversation and strengthen relationships between rural and urban New Zealanders.
Block 12 Level C Showcase