Honor Ross

"Splice the Mainbrace!"

Arrival, Landing and Departure of the revitalised slipway
Exterior window shot directed toward mezzanine floor, 1:50 Scale model
Sectional Perspective
Interior Perspective

Bachelor of Design with Honours

“Splice the Mainbrace!” aims to explore the connections of narratives associated to past and present voyaging between sea and land. This is done through the repurposing of the Shipwright’s Building at Shelly Bay, a former defence force structure for the NZ Navy and Airforce. The narratives have informed the creation and repurposing of the proposed building including surrounding wharf area, to accommodate a restaurant and bar. Traces of history are retained throughout the building structure and outside areas and slipway. “Splice the Mainbrace” was a naval order given aboard vessels to issue crew with an alcoholic drink.



Block 12 Level D