Michael Sutherland

Music for Float Tanks

Michael Sutherland

Bachelor of Commercial Music

I have created an instrumental body of music, professionally recorded for sensory deprivation tanks.

This body of work is specifically to be used by Float Centres to facilitate and enhance the sensory deprivation experience. This work consists of six (10 minute) pieces which also weave into one coherent Sound Journey (60min) to adhere to the compositional restraints of the DreamPod/Tank software.

The mission statement: Redefining wellness

I have licensed this product with APRA and OneMusic allocating 1/3 of the Royalties towards conservation and fighting climate change.

Through this initiative my intention is to begin redefining wellness by enabling people who use Float Tanks to heal themselves while contributing to healing the natural world around them.

Encompassing the idea that Wellness is not solely about the internal body and mind, but the environment and community that we live in, rely on and are innately interconnected with.
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