Leda Farrow

The Ship of Fools

The Ship of Fools
The Last Ship

Master of Fine Arts

I’m interested in the poetic language that puppets evoke and how they traverse the boundaries of fine art and theatre. Puppetry is a medium that allows us access to a mythical language where bigger questions can be examined.

In my own lifetime, machines and technology have become increasingly advanced and, on some levels, more capable than our own human bodies at achieving complex tasks. Could it be that the more entangled we become with our gadgets and the more engaged we are in the machine’s rhythms and daily demands, the less capable we are of addressing the pressing issues of our time? I chose to look at Plato’s Ship of Fools, as an allegory for Democracy, and as a vessel to further explore human-machine entanglement.
Block 12 Level A, Lighting Studio