Kelly McDonald

The Mother Lode: A Tragicomedy

Detail from DIY IUDs, 2019 This work is a light-hearted look at the history and development of the intrauterine contraceptive device (IUD). It broaches the subject of equitable and accessible contraception the world over.
Detail from For Long Service and Efficient Conduct, 2019 (neckpiece) Materials: Lead and steel coathanger
Condorman, 2019 (neckpiece) Materials: Steel, industrial silver solder (37% silver)
The Honeymoon Day 1 - Day 7, 2019 (wall installation of bangles) Materials: Steel, industrial silver solder (37% silver)

Master of Fine Arts

I make jewellery that melds the narratives of home, workshop and motherhood, to explore power and gender and the subtle and sometimes not so subtle burden they place on women.

Drawing on the previous function of objects from domestic, industrial and utilitarian realms, these jewellery re-contextualisations traverse tense and complex territories between people, bodies and things, to open a space for engagement and debate about womanhood and the emotional labour of parenting.
Block 1 Engine Room