Anneliese (Lisa) Theron

Figures of Fear

Figures of Fear : The material embodiment of Fear, Fashioned and Performed
Performance and making of Figures of Fear

Master of Fine Arts

Figures of Fear is an exploration into the material embodiment of fear, articulated through fashion, materiality and embodied performance. On the outside, these figures appear as black, powerful and intimidating individuals, silhouetted in a moment of tension. Internally, they are representative of the culmination of human aggression, misunderstanding, apathy and ultimately fear. They aim to reconfigure the recognized human silhouette out of its once generic and symbolic systems of representation in order to test the body’s potential to transgress limitations inflicted by established systems of signification. Dress as an embodied practice becomes a valuable tool with which I process thoughts, ideas and experiences surrounding fear. 
Block 1 Engine Room