Jason O'Hara

Where Memories Sleep

The Kuia character looms over a live dancer during a performance at Space Place, Wellington. The prototype installation combined projections on the 11m full-dome with those on a bespoke glacier set.
The Where Memories Sleep project recontextualises Antarctic science into entertainment. The costume and makeup design reference Japanese street fashion giving the production a contemporary edge as demonstrated here in the penguin and explorer characters.
Inspired by centuries of storytelling traditions, including shadow puppet street-theatre of Java, the performance includes projected silhouettes of dancers to create an immersive experience that transports the audience to an other-worldly interpretation of Antarctica. 

Master of Design

Where Memories Sleep is an immersive cinedance performance that is designed to introduce new audiences to Antarctica and the science undertaken there. The installation, inspired by Jason's trips to Scott Base in 2016 and 2018, combines live and pre-recorded dancers projected on to a bespoke glacier set and the fulldome at Wellington's SpacePlace. The Master of Design project is a collaboration between Jason O’Hara (creative director, motionographer, documentary maker and scenographer) and Warren Maxwell (musician), and is supported by a team of professional dancers.
Block 12 Level C