Ivan Vegar

Childhood’s End Adaptation, The control of Technology

Arrival of the Overlords key scene design for Childhoods End  film adaptation.
Bargain with the Overlords key scene design.
Reveal of the Overlords key scene design.
Illumination key scene design.

Master of Design (Weta)

Concept design for a film adaptation of Arthur C Clarke’s Childhood’s End communicates a cinematic allegory that enables a film director to understand a visual representation of the Faustian Bargain, in technological advancement.

Key scene designs demonstrate the arrival, interaction, and symbiotic relationship established between mankind and an advanced celestial alien race known as the Overlords. This Master of Design enables viewers to question the role of technology, power hierarchies between characters, and the cost of our free will. The design serves as a warning for contemporary tech enthralled audiences to be aware of becoming tools of our tools, and asks who is really in control?
Block 12 Level B