Jonny McGregor

Nodal Plugin Suite

Initial digital designs for Lapse and Space. These were later implemented and refined in C++.
Display of node creation through double-click on Lapse. This was Lapses second design iteration before the final result.
Display of click-and-drag interface of "Space". Where X and Y positions of the blue node changes panning and dry/wet values of the processed audio signal.
Display of room size parameter changing in "Space" based off the size of the pink square. This value is changed by clicking and dragging on the pink nodes.

Master of Creative Enterprise

The Nodal Plugin Duo explores how alternate user interfaces influence the use of audio plugins in music production. This idea was investigated through the development and user testing of audio plugins with node-based user interfaces. The Nodal Plugin Duo comprises of two unique plugins, Lapse and Space, which exhibit delay and reverb audio effects on a non-skeuomorphic user interface.
Block 1 Level D