Matthew Smith

Suono Interattivo

Suono Interattivo whilst active
The interface contains a volume knob, wide format LCD and power button. The LCD provides channel change, system settings, equalizer and streaming interface. 
The rear inputs and outputs are composed of: three prong AC power input, channel splitter, 2x RCA input, RCA output, USB input, TosLink input and HDMI inputs.

Bachelor of Design with Honours

Suono Interattivo (interactive sound) is a response to consumers becoming increasingly detached from music; both the tactile aspects of listening to music and the pleasure of discovering a new artist. This is due to the immediacy and saturation of music emitting devices available alongside streamed content. Suono Interattivo is a luxury hybrid (all-in-one/modular) home stereo system restoring the preciousness of the listening experience, whilst incorporating the advantages of up to date technology and online content.
Block 12 Level D