Amy Pearce

The Myriad Stove.

The Myriad Stove. These results are based on 40 minutes of cooking. The food in the pot reached a high of 110°C The food the second level baked inside the Myriad stove reached a high of 130°C The water boiling in the third level reached a high of 180°C producing drinkable water. During the 40 minutes of cooking the Myriad stove used a total of 432 grams of wood (8 pieces of kindling).
The Myriad stove. Second level, food container.

Bachelor of Design with Honours

The Myriad Stove aims to create a safe and efficient way of cooking for women in the developing country of Papua New Guinea. The Myriad stove aims to lower the risk of serious health issues through designing an easier and more controllable way of cooking. Aiming to encourage women to change their cooking habits to a safer alternative; while also keeping in mind the users’ environment and resources.
Block 12 Level D