Olly Zander-Jones

Sun Paintings (see the ghost of where i was)

oil and collage on canvas,
oil and collage on canvas
acrylic and oil on sewn cotton
oil and collage on canvas

Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours

I make paintings, collage and drawings. Recently I’ve been building a series of works that come about from an interest I have in cave paintings. I like the capacity this prehistoric work has to reveal information about the past - ritual actions, craft recipes and anatomy of long extinct species. As well as the possibility to mislead, confuse and abstract reality.

I work among these ideas and apply them to both lived and imagined experiences with a particular focus on the sun as a motif. I’m interested in using symbols to represent physical and ontological space. I think the sun operates as a mediator between these spaces given its in place in cultural traditions as well as its function in providing energy, warmth and light.
Block 2 Level E