Madison Walker

Tāwharau #3

Ngāti Rakaipaaka

Sea cleansing ritual
Tāwharau #1

Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours

I am a queer, non-binary Māori Witch. Through my arts practise I have been exploring myself in relation to Māoridom, Maramataka and the whenua I come to create art, Puke Ahu. The reclamation/ decolonization of myself will be a forever on going journey on reconnecting with my Atua and Wairuatanga, this is what drives me to make art. I have created a shelter for myself and others who often feel lost within the white walls of the institution, Tāwharau #3. The name comes from other shelters I came across when exploring the last of the native bush on Puke Ahu. 
Block 2 Level D