Dayle Palfreyman

Where an open eye

Barre III (2019) Pine, stainless steel, concrete, beeswax, eucalyptus.
untitled (2019) Macrocarpa, beeswax, eucalyptus.
untitled (2019) steel, screen printed silk.

Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours

Within my art practice of sculpture and installation, I have been working with tactile and olfactory sensibilities through materials. The sensual experiences are important in my work as they connect the body with the object, rendering elements of desire, memory, and imagination. I relate our bodily experiences with objective and subjective qualities of materiality - to explore through them dysphoria and the discrepancies between our knowledge and what lies beyond our comprehension. Im interested in some of the tensions and tenderness of materiality, including the different densities of materials, the economy of means, active and inactive engagement, the embedded history of the repurposed materials and utility in connection to the body.
Block 2 Level E