Whitney Henton

Nola May

May gown and Marigold suit. Crafted with love in memory of Nola May. Constructed with secondhand materials, naturally dyed with brown onion skins and madder. 
Nola May: Marigold toile and May drape
Nola May: Marigold detail shot
Nola May: May gown detail shot

Bachelor of Design with Honours

I have created this body of work in homage to my Granny, Nola May. I fear the passion and art form of tailoring intended to be passed down through generations, is being lost. This series intends to refocus attention to the value of tailoring, by demonstrating a small snippet of the layers of craftsmanship behind each garment. Each piece has been constructed from secondhand materials and unwanted remnants brought back to life with natural dye.
Block 12 Level D