Tom Britt


LOOK 01 - P.(ROL) - TOM BRITT - model: Lewis Cosgrave
LOOK 02 - P.(ROL) - TOM BRITT - model: Emma Cornall
LOOK 03 - P.(ROL) - TOM BRITT - model: Iris Hsieh
LOOK 04 - P.(ROL) - TOM BRITT - model: Jack Jenkins

Bachelor of Design with Honours

‘P.(ROL)’ is an investigation into the aesthetic of contemporary workwear and how it can be redefined through the ethos of Russian Constructivism to alter public consciousness on some of the issues within the fashion industry. It aims to critique the place of workwear within fashion and question the integrity of designers who integrate the clothing of the working class into their trend-based aesthetics.
Block 12 Level D