Louis Arthur

Tales from the Whero-Sphere

Tales from The Whero Sphere
Tu, Clive and Haast.

Bachelor of Creative Media Production

A bold and fun animated series which imagines the island of Aotea displaced on Mars. The land and surrounding ocean are encased in a glass dome to enable life and inhabitation. Three unlikely companions stumble upon a magical talking tree. It decides to offer them each a single wish. Episodes will follow this trio as they investigate crimes and solve situations around Aotea. Each utilising and growing their unorthodox abilities as a result of their wishes.”

My name is Louis Arthur, the writer and director of The Whero Sphere project. My role included conceiving and creatively directing the project pipeline. I also wrote the script and supported the production side of the project. I'm stoked that my idea is coming to fruition and feel very grateful for the opportunity to make it happen.


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Block 1 Level D